Testing it out: “Uh oh” and “Aww shitt”

The electrical and the mechanical is finally coming together. As expected, things tend to malfunction the first time you put them together:


After a few back and forths, we finally got things going:



Good progress, but obviously, lots left to do. 3 weeks to symposium!

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First base.

We’ve got some extrudes and sheets in so it looks, instead of fighting with the extrude pieces like this:


we can finally start assembling at least the base of this thing. 5 hours in the machine shop later…



It’s gonna be a while till we get some time. But there is a lot more construction left to do.

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Lets get to work.

So, it looks like we’ve got quite the project on our hands. Our first job was to find places where we could find old wheelchairs to take apart. Running around after Chris, our awesome MESS Lab instructor, looks like there were some lying around at a long term storage location in E3. Time to get the forklift out:


And now we bring it all back to the MESS Lab:


All done for now. We’re going to have to get down to designing before we make any more moves.


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The Idea

It’s been a busy afternoon as we’ve been racking our brains trying to come up with a decent idea for our 4th year design project. It’s been about 3 hrs in this DWE room and this is what we’ve come up with:

  • A smart knife, something wired with a couple of servos that will allow the knife to cut food based on the users specifications.
  • A wheelchair that can transform into a bed. Helps elderly and people with limited movement.
  • A breakfast machine that can easily have the cereal ready for you when you get up in the morning.

With these ideas in mind with our own preferences ranked b > c > a we headed off to our undergraduate advisor: Professor Bedi:


As we presented these ideas he seems to like the Chair the best. We argued how unfeasible this is. The scale, the size, the cost, the difficulty of the project and he looks us in eye and says:

“Do you know what kind of salaries you guys attract? and you are worried about a couple of thousand dollars. DON’T WORRY. Go out with a BANG!”

And with those words, he shoo’s us out of his office. Looks like we have a lot of work to do.

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